Check In

Take care of you like family

At Howard Johnson, we take care of you like family. Our guests notice this service philosophy from the moment they enter a Howard Johnson hotel until they are safely on their way to their next destination. From the way guests are greeted at check-in, arrival for an award-winning morning breakfast buffet or arrival back at an inviting home-away-from-home after a long day on the run, guests notice the little things that make them feel at home. These happy interactions are what we take the most pri

We want to delight guests by creating comfortable and memorable experiences in our hotels. Our mission is to show guests every day that we care, we are committed, and that we can deliver and exceed the hotel, dining, meeting, banquet, conference, and wedding experiences discerning hotel patrons expect.

All different sizes of conference rooms to meet all types of meeting needs. For your ultimate interpretation of taste style, and bring your extraordinary experience!


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